ATRAC, an obvious choice when it comes to renting trailers!

ATRAC specialises in the rental of moving floor trailers and tippers for the construction, recycling and agriculture segments. A fleet of up-to-date, high-quality and uniform vehicles, all of which belong to the STAS product range, guarantees a stress-free rental period. We attach great value to removing all your worries. In other words, speed, flexibility and transparency are our key values.

A fleet of around 90 trailers guarantees that we can offer you a moving floor trailer or tipper in a market where reacting rapidly to demand is absolutely vital.

When is renting a tipper or moving floor trailer the right solution for you?

  • Seasonal work, with peaks that only last for a short period
  • Replacement vehicle when you suffer accidental damage
  • Replacement vehicle when you are buying a new trailer (if the factory cannot guarantee delivery by the desired delivery time)
  • Temporary / sudden need for extra capacity
  • Sudden need for vehicles by acquiring a new contract that needs a quick start-up

Our diverse product range offers you the solution you need in all possible sectors. Our fleet consists of:

  • Buildstar Alu tipper 25 - 32 m3 suitable for transporting light building materials such as gravel, sand, asphalt etc.
  • Agrostar Alu tipper 45 - 60 m3 suitable for agricultural transport
  • Biostar Alu moving floor trailer 92 m3
  • Ecostar Alu moving floor trailer 92 m3 suitable for transporting heavier waste and recycling
  • Ferrostar Hardox 450 tipper 50 - 55 m3 suitable for transporting scrap (steel or aluminium)
  • Rockstar Hardox 450 tipper 25 - 32 m3 suitable for transporting demolition material and moving earth
  • U-Rockstar Hardox 450 tipper 24 - 30,5m3 suitable for transporting all heavy construction materials

Our vehicles are no more than five years old, and we keep our fleet up-to-date with an annual purchasing program. The vehicles removed from the fleet are given a STAS Used Quality Label check-up and then sold as second-hand vehicles.

For more information, requests or assistance, please call Delphine Ornelis on +32 (0)471 902 554 or e-mail her at

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