New STAS Trailers

As a result of a long cooperation with STAS, ATRAC can call itself the expert in the world of tippers and moving floor trailers.

STAS semi-trailers offer a solution for every type of bulk transport in the construction, recycling and agricultural sectors and can be personalised by adding specialised options that meet your needs.

Discover all STAS models:

Are you looking for a semi-trailer for bulk transport in the construction, recycling, or agricultural sector?

Due to the focus on ease of use and quality, STAS semi-trailers are the most popular trailers with drivers. This is also supported by the high second-hand value of a STAS tipper or moving floor trailer. This is proven to be higher compared to other brands.

What's more, you can customize your STAS tipper or moving floor trailer for optimum efficiency and safety, ensuring you make the best long-term investment.

Do you have any questions about buying a semi-trailer?

Henri is here to help!

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