Buildstar X


Tipper trailer






Aluminium of staal


Earth, asphalt, gravel, clay, small rocks, sludge, sand


24m³ - 31m³

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The STAS Buildstar X is the solution for transporting earth, gravel, small rocks, clay, and sand. The STAS Buildstar X is also available in an insulated version for transporting hot asphalt. Thanks to the many specialised options, it’s possible to tailor the STAS Buildstar X to your transport needs.

The half-round shape of the body allows for risk-free unloading of sticky loads. The continuous side walls give the tipper an elegant look. The widest chassis on the market, the integrated tipping axle and the crossmember box section guarantee you the most stable and safest tipper on the market.

The advantages of the Builstar X at a glance

  • Most stable construction:
    • Widest chassis on the market (1400mm)
    • Integrated tipping axle
    • Reinforced cross member box section
    • Well-integrated cylinder clamps
  • Standard asphalt trailer system
  • Premium aluminium quality (hardness up to 110 Brinell)
  • Unique half-round design with optimal combination light/strong
  • Attention to detail and finishing
  • Proven highest second-hand value in its class

Specialised options for the STAS Buildstar X

  • Wide range of electric and manual sheeting systems, including a lightweight sand net for transporting sand
  • Insulated version available with several variants
    • 70-millimetre-thick sidewall panels, lined with rockwool sheets
    • Thermal resistance R < 1,65 m2K/W
    • Options range from completely insulated body and front and rear door, to only an insulated floor and side wall in case of short distances
  • Wide choice of wear plates for transporting rocks
  • Finisher brake
  • Pneumatic underrun bar
  • Hydraulic rear door with deeply recessed hinge point
  • 100ml water tank under chassis
    • With water hose on reel
  • Extra towing eyes on chassis
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