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Agricultural products, big bags, fertilizers


52m³ - 82m³

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The STAS Farmstar is the walking floor trailer for the transport of agricultural products. This walking floor trailer is produced with a slightly smaller body volume than the other STAS moving floors, which makes it exceptionally suitable for transporting grain, wheat, or potatoes, but also fertilisers or abattoir waste. In addition, the shorter length makes the moving floor trailer easy to manoeuvre on locations with limited space. Every loading or unloading situation is unique, which is why the Farmstar has a very wide range of specialised options, such as the integrated grain funnel for meticulously unloading grain into a dump pit.

Because of the strongly designed frame with 140-millimetre-high crossbars under the body, in combination with the aluminium chassis, you are assured of the most durable and stable moving floor trailer. STAS moving floors have the highest second-hand value on the market for a reason.

The advantages of the Farmstar at a glance

  • Strongest and most stable frame on the market, with 140-millimetre-high crossbars and self-supporting body construction
  • The body and the frame are fully automatically welded
  • Perfect ratio between strength and low weight
  • Use of high-quality aluminium with very hardness up to 110 Brinell
  • Easy manoeuvrability thanks to short length
  • Wide range of specialised options

Specialised options for the STAS Farmstar

  • Manual and electric sheeting systems
  • Rear doors tailored to your transport
  • Load-specific options
    • Integrated grain funnel or removable grain funnel with viewing window at the tail end of the trailer
    • Hydraulic pressure washer with 400-liter water tank
  • Reinforcements
    • Tailored wear plates
    • Protection plates for the end pieces of the floor
    • Extra protection of the top edges
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