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Earth, asphalt, gravel, clay, small rocks, sludge, sand


26m³ - 48m³

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The STAS Buildstar is made entirely of high-quality aluminium with hardness of up to 110 Brinell. The use of this high-quality aluminium alloy provides the perfect balance between lightweight and high wear-resistance. Moreover, the STAS Buildstar is guaranteed to be the most stable tipper on the market thanks to the widest chassis, integrated tipper axles and integrated cross member box section at the back of the chassis.

The modular design of the STAS Buildstar makes it a fully configurable trailer. For example, different volumes are available depending on the specific weight of your cargo, and you can choose between a straight or sloping rear door. In addition to the different body variants, numerous specialised options are available to ensure the most efficient transport in the construction industry.

The advantages of the Buildstar at a glance

  • Most stable construction
    • Widest chassis on the market (1400mm)
    • Integrated tipping axle
    • Reinforced cross member box section
    • Well-integrated cylinder clamps
  • Attention to detail and finishing
  • Made of high-quality aluminium alloys with hardness of up to 110 Brinell
  • Low weight combined with high wear-resistance
  • Proven highest second-hand value in its class

Specialised options for the STAS Buildstar

  • Wide range of electric and manual sheeting systems, including a lightweight sand net for transporting sand
  • Insulated flooring, front bulkhead, rear door, or complete body
    • Thermal resistance R < 1,65 m2K/W
  • Wide choice of wear plates for transporting rocks
  • Finisher brake
  • Automatic tyre air pump system
  • Pneumatic underrun bar
  • 100ml water tank under chassis
    • With water hose on reel
  • Extra towing eyes on chassis
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