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Earth, demolition, asphalt, gravel, clay, small rocks, sludge, sand


24m³ - 31m³

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The STAS U-Rockstar is the small steel powerhouse for the construction industry, specifically designed to carry large stone chunks, heavy construction debris and other hard-scraping loads such as gravel and other small rocks. The combination of the HB450 high strength steel and the half-round shape ensures extremely high wear-resistance and an exceptionally smooth tipping experience. Thanks to the optional hydraulic rear door with a deeply recessed hinge point and double-acting cylinders, in combination with the 1400-millimetre-wide chassis with integrated tipping hinges and cross member box section, heavy rocks can also be safely unloaded.

Depending on what you want to transport, STAS has a wide range of specialized options available for the STAS U-Rockstar. For example, there is the easily replaceable steel mudguard protection, or the insulated variant for transporting asphalt.

The advantages of the U-Rockstar at a glance

  • Most stable construction:
    • Widest chassis on the market (1400mm)
    • Integrated tipping axle
    • Reinforced cross member box section
    • Well-integrated cylinder hinges
  • Standard asphalt trailer system
  • Premium steel quality (Hardox, Durostat, XAR450...)
  • Unique own design with most optimal combination of lightness and strength
  • Attention to detail and finishing
  • Proven highest second-hand value in its class

Specialized options for the STAS U-Rockstar

  • Easily replaceable steel mudguard protection
  • Wide range electric and manual sheeting systems, including a lightweight sand net specifically for transporting sand
  • Insulated version available in several variants
    • 70-millimetre-thick sidewall panels, lined with rockwool sheets
    • Thermal resistance R < 1,65 m2K/W
    • Options range from completely insulated body, to only an insulated floor and side wall in case of short distances
  • Finisher brake
  • Automatic tyre air pump system
  • Pneumatic underrun bar
  • Hydraulic rear door with deeply recessed hinge point (available with the straight hydraulic rear door or the sloping hydraulic rear door)
  • Water tanks under the body
    • With water hose on reel
    • Extra towing eye on the chassis
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