IDENTIKIT - Sally Beekwee


Sally Beekwee - reception+ administration

Age: 42 years
Family: married
Children: 2 girls
Favorite music: Robbie Williams
Best restaurant: The Jane
Favorite colour: red
Sport: “I go running and love bootcamp”

Favorite STAS STAR:
Biostar, more specifically the #Z03 for hire as it bears the name Sally :)

How long have you been working at ATRAC:
I have been working for the STAS group for 21 years, and since 2014 I have been working for ATRAC.

Can you specify your job?
I'm responsible for reception, administration and marketing.

A fun anecdote:
“Our annual presence in Fontenoy is one of the highlights because it puts us in very close contact with our customers, really in their field of work. It is a pleasure to spoil them that day with a nice gadget, snack and a drink.”

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