Tyre pressure system mandatory from July 2024

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From 6 July 2024, all new semi-trailers in the EU must be mandatorily equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system, minimum the standard TPMS system. This legislation increases road safety for all road users and saves fuel costs for the user.

TPMS, short for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, measures tyre pressure and issues a warning when the pressure deviates. When there is loss of pressure in the tyres, the driver is notified by the 'flat tyre' icon on the dashboard. The system ensures that the condition of the tyres remains optimal and prevents blowouts, which are a major cause of road accidents. In addition, correct tyre pressure ensures safer handling and a shorter braking distance. You also save on fuel costs and consequently reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, the vehicle will stand still less and can be used more cost-efficiently.

Difference with TPRS system


TPRS, short for Tyre Pressure Refill System, goes one step further and automatically refills air when tyre pressure drops below a certain level. Tyres are refilled while driving as well as when stationary. Each tyre valve is connected to the centre of the axle housing which is pressurised with a step-up valve that keeps the air pressure at 9 bar.

Benefits of TPMS and TPRS


All semi-trailers first registered from July 2024 must have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring system. But what exactly are the benefits?

  • Improved road safety
  • Shorter braking distance
  • Less downtime
  • Fuel savings & reduced CO2 emissions
  • Extends the life of tyres

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