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If you want to transport hard and abrasive loads with your walking floor trailer, extra reinforcement of the floor planks is always a good idea. Walking floor trailers are often equipped with reinforced end caps, but there are loads where just reinforcing the end caps is not enough. ATRAC therefore also welds wear plates on top of the floor planks. The big advantage is that replacing the wear plates is much easier than replacing the entire floor plank. Thanks to this simple and elegant solution, you save money in the long run.

The plates are not only welded on the two short sides, but also by means of several so-called hole welds. The hole welds ensure that the plates remain in place even when the front weld is completely worn through. When this happens, we therefore recommend replacing the plates.

Features and benefits

  • Extends life of floor planks
  • No risk of loosening of the wear plates thanks to hole welds
  • Easy to replace
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