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Increase safety and optimise the life of your tipping trailer with a plastic liner! Especially for sticky and abrasive loads, a liner is a good idea.

Transporting sticky bulk loads is often a challenge as you risk the load sticking to the front of the body during tipping. This creates an increased risk of the tipping trailer falling over.

Furthermore, a liner also increases the body's impact resistance, which can be a big advantage, especially for aluminium tipping trailers.

The liner is mounted in the body as a single unit and follows the shape of the floor and sidewall. Moreover, the liner is mounted floating on the front board to cope with temperature differences and to be easily replaceable.

Thanks to the overlapping strip, cargo never gets caught between the side wall and the liner.

Two types of liner are available:

  • The grey standard variant
  • The extra hard-wearing green premium variant

Features and benefits

  • Increased safety when unloading sticky loads
  • Optimal lifetime of the body
  • No load between floor and liner thanks to overlapping strip
  • Easy to replace
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