ATRAC buys and sells used vehicles for the STAS group. The experience and specialised knowledge that ATRAC has built up across the different divisions enables us to give you objective and honest support in your selling or purchasing process. As a certified STAS dealer, ATRAC also has the 'STAS Used Quality Label' for which vehicles are tested and certified for a whole series of known issues.

For more information, requests or assistance, please call Denis Ribo on +32 (0)474 06 00 35 or e-mail him at

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STAS | Used aluminium STAS - BuildSTAR

Used aluminium STAS - BuildSTAR  - Tipper - Webshop
  • Volume: 45 m³
  • Constr. year: 2009

STAS | STOCK U-Rockstar

STOCK U-Rockstar - Tipper - STAS PREMIUM USED - Webshop
  • Volume: 28 m³
  • Constr. year: 2021

STAS | STOCK Ferrostar

STOCK Ferrostar - Tipper - STAS PREMIUM USED - Webshop
  • Volume: 60
  • Constr. year: 2021

STAS | STOCK Agrostar

STOCK Agrostar - Tipper - STAS PREMIUM USED - Webshop
  • Volume: 52
  • Constr. year: 2021

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