World of tippers and moving floor trailers

ATRAC has been active in Belgium for more than 20 years as a permanent partner of STAS nv, the manufacturer of high-quality moving floor trailers and tippers. ATRAC has an exclusive dealership for the STAS group that focuses on service to the final customer and end user. To fully guarantee a correct service experience, ATRAC, as a moving floor trailer and tipper specialist, concentrates on four areas:

>Sale of the STAS product range tailored to the customer’s needs.
>Rental of trailers and tippers for the construction, recycling and agricultural segments.
>Purchase and sale of used moving floor trailers and tippers, with a strong focus on the STAS Used Quality Label.
>Repairs, technical support, warranty processing for all components and 24-hour breakdown service

Each of these areas is equally important to us. To ensure a rapid service, we strongly believe in the ‘single point of contact’ philosophy. Each department has a specialized responsible who will guide you through your requests. We have opted to welcome our customers in an open platform that makes it perfectly simple for the different areas to communicate with each other efficiently.

Investing in good material and ensuring the continuity of your activity with guaranteed top-level service are important to you. The young and dynamic ATRAC team are fully aware of this and provide technical and commercial support for every possible scenario.

The ATRAC Team

Sales segment recycling - agro: Henri Demeestere, +32 (0)471 90 25 02
Sales segment build: Denis Ribo (+32 (0)474 06 00 35)
Used trailers: Denis Ribo, +32 (0)474 06 00 35
Repairs, services and 24-hour breakdown service: Pieter Deseyn and Sam Denoulet, +32 (0)56 62 75 57
Trailer rental: Delphine Ornelis, +32 (0)471 90 25 54
Administration and delivery of new trailers: Sally Beekwee, +32 (0)56 62 75 23

The various divisions receive operational technical support from our highly valued mechanics, supported by quality manager Thierry Vercruysse.